Ridgeline Consultants, LLC is a partnership of two established companies. Arrow Surveying was established in 1979 and in 2005 Arrow Surveying and Todd Surveying merged, becoming Arrow Todd Land Surveying. In 2007, two principals of Arrow Todd Surveying acquired the ownership of Arrow Todd Land Surveying and merged with Ridgeline Engineering, LLC.

Arrow Surveying has been serving the area for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in electrical utility surveying. This electrical utility surveying experience was developed through a long association with Commonwealth Edison Company.

Currently, Ridgeline Consultants, LLC offers a full range of professional land surveying services in boundary, topographic, subdivision, utility, and all types of pre-engineering and construction surveying. We are staffed by two professional land surveyors with forty years of combined experience and four  field crews trained in the latest technologies including GPS and Robotics.

The company prides itself on providing prompt, cost effective professional service. Ridgeline consultants, LLC currently provides surveying services to many clients including AT&T, Exelon (ComEd), and City of Naperville Electric Department, in addition to private home owners and land developers.